Dorchester District Court

10 Washington Street
Dorchester Ctr, MA 02124
(617) 288-9500

OUI Attorney James Geraghty’s recent decisions in Dorchester District Court:

March 2014

The officer reported the client entered a checkpoint, was observed to have red and glassy eyes, slurred speech and admitted drinking one, then four beers. The officer stated the client could not keep his balance and missed walking heel to toe on two of his steps. CASE DISMISSED

Vehicle stopped at a state police roadblock to detect impaired drivers.  Client admitted to drinking five to six beers earlier in the night. The arresting trooper indicated that client had slurred speech, strong odor of alcohol and red, water and glassy eyes.  The client did not complete the one-legged stand field sobriety test as the client placed their foot on the ground several times prior to the count of thirty.  On the nine step walk and turn the client was unsteady on their feet, and did not walk the correct number of steps or walk in a heel to toe fashion.  Client was subsequently arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence.  VERDICT – CASE DISMISSED

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