Drivers License Suspension

If you are like most people in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, your right to drive means a lot to you. It gives you the ability to get to work, to go get groceries, to take your kids to school and more. Losing that right because of a DUI offense can turn your world upside down.

At the law office of James P. Geraghty, we are here to prevent that from happening. We have more than a decade of experience that we will put to work to keep you behind the wheel of your car.

Two Different Cases

Many people accused of drunk driving are surprised to learn that their DWI/DUI defense case is a separate matter from their driver’s license suspension case. Many are also surprised when they go to an attorney and find out that the lawyer only handles one out of the two parts.

You won’t get that surprise when you come to us. We can handle both aspects of your case. We will strive to win both aspects of your case.

Fighting the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

You have 15 days from the date of your arrest to appeal your driver’s license suspension. We will stand by your side in your hearing at the registry of motor vehicles. We will present your case and work hard to see that you get to keep your license.

If the registry does not provide us the desired results, we know what steps to take next. We are prepared to bring a lawsuit against the registry in district court for reinstatement of your license.

At our law firm, we know how to build strong cases. We know how to challenge Breathalyzer and blood test evidence. We know the importance of examining the procedure involved in pulling you over. When we say we fight driver’s license suspension, we mean it.

Free Initial Consultation About Massachusetts Driver’s License Suspension

Call us at 617-571-5487 or send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting with an experienced driver’s license suspension lawyer.

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