Worcester District Court

DUI Lawyer James Geraghty’s recent cases in Worcester District Court:

February 2014

The officer testified the client traveled on the left side of the road several times, in the middle of the road, and as far as two feet from the wrong side of the road on approximately three occasions. The officer stated the client continued to travel in the middle of the road after making a left turn. The officer further testified the client smelled mildly of alcohol, had reddish, bloodshot, glassy eyes, said “none of your business” when asked if he had any alcohol that night and failed the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety tests. NOT GUILTY

Client passed out behind the wheel of a running motor vehicle. Client could not respond to Police officers questions or attempts to wake client up. Client arrested and booked. At booking video shows clients stumbling from side to side and being argumentative and uncooperative.  Client found NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL.

Client pulled over after colliding with fence and fleeing the scene. The police officer notices fresh vomit all over the client and inside the vehicle.  Client exits the vehicle and fails the field sobriety tests including the alphabet, one legged stand and the nine step walk and turn test.  The client is arrested and brought back to the police station where a breath test is conducted with a result of .12.  CLIENT FOUND NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL.

Defendant pulled over for driving over center island and weaving between lanes.  State Trooper notices strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech and red watery glassy eyes on the defendant. The defendant is asked to step from the motor vehicle, where is he asked to do the field sobriety tests. He is cannot keep his foot up for more than three seconds at a time and is unable to walk in a  straight line.  The defendant has a breath test reading of .09. TRIAL VERDICT – NOT GUILTY

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