Attleboro District Court

DUI Lawyer James Geraghty’s recent cases in Attleboro District Court:

April 2014

The officer reported seeing an SUV parked on the side of the road and after approaching and seeing the client slouched in his seat with partially closed eyes, the client looked at the officer while the officer was speaking to him and then drove away. The officer stated he yelled at the client and stopped him 100 yards down the road. The officer further reported that he could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage from 5-8 feet away, which came from the client while speaking with him. The officer stated the client had extremely red eyes and slurred speech, admitted drinking two beers, and upon exiting, had to be guided by the officer as he stumbled out and was leaning in the officer’s direction. The officer reported the client failed the one leg stand, walk and turn and finger to nose field sobriety test. CASE DISMISSED

Client is pulled over for speeding and driving without a taillight.  Client fumbles with his insurance card and cannot recite the alphabet while seated in the car. The officer notices a strong odor of alcohol on clients breath and client has slurred speech and red, watery glassy eyes. Once out of the car the client admits to drinking earlier that evening and being at a friends house. In the officers opinion the client fails all the field sobriety tests and cannot maintain his balance and stumbles to the ground on once occasion. TRIAL VERDICT – NOT GUILTY

OUI – 3rd OFFENSE – Client is driving without the required Ignition Interlock Device and commits several marked lanes violations. Client is pulled over and cannot locate his license and registration and the officer notices the client has slurred speech and  a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Client is asked to step from the vehicle where he stumbles and is unsteady on his feet.  Client admits to drinking and told the officer he was the designated driver for his girlfriend (who was a passenger and heavily intoxicated). Client performs poorly on the field sobriety tests and is arrested and charged with a third offense OUI. TRIAL VERDICT – NOT GUILTY

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