Waltham District Court

May 2015

The officer testified he was dispatched to a one-car accident and on arrival saw the client sitting on the ground next to his car. The officer stated the client had a hard time finding his balance while trying to stand up, had minor abrasions and burns to his wrists from the airbag deployment, had red, glassy eyes, slurred and thick-tongued speech, smelled strongly of alcohol and kept sitting down with his head in his hands and getting angry at what had transpired, even though he was asked several times to stand up and speak with the officer. NOT GUILTY

Client is involved in a motor accident around midnight on Halloween nights.  When police arrive client is in the vehicle dressed in a Halloween Costume and the police officer notes that the client smells strongly of alcohol, has slurred speech and the client admits to having several drinks at two separate halloween parties. The passenger are interviewed by the police and they all indicated they thought the client was intoxicated and should not have been driving.  The client is taken to the hospital where a blood alcohol test was conducted which reveals a blood alcohol level of .18.  Because the client was not arrested, the client was summonsed into court for a Clerk Magistrates Hearing. CASE DISMISSED AT THE CLERK MAGISTRATES HEARING

Client is pulled over for going 20 m.p.h. under the speed limit and for stopping her car in the middle of the travel lane. The client is asked to exit the vehicle and very unsteady on her feet and the officer notices her eyes to be bloodshot and glassy as a a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the clients breath. The client is unable to say the alphabet or count backwards correctly. She cannot stand on one foot for more than 10 seconds and cannot complete the nine step walk and turn without using her arms for balance and stepping off the line. Client is arrested and booked. JURY TRIAL VERDICT – NOT GUILTY

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