East Boston Municipal Court

37 Meridian Street
East Boston, MA 02128
Clerk’s Office
(617) 569-7550, Press 5

James Geraghty’s cases in East Boston Municipal Court:

July 2015

The officer testified he stopped the client for failing to stop at three stop signs and on approach immediately observed the client to have bright red, bloodshot and glassy eyes, noticed the client smelled strongly of alcohol, was moving his hands slow, and had slow and slurred speech. The officer stated the client, while walking to the sidewalk, was unable to walk in a straight line, was unstable on his feet and was swaying back and forth and unable to stand in one spot once on the sidewalk. The officer further testified that the client failed the one leg stand and walk and turn field sobriety tests and when asked if he had been drinking, the client admitted he may have had a couple drinks which he previously denied. NOT GUILTY

July 2014

The officer testified that the client went through a red light and when the officer tried to stop him, the client sped up, swerved to the left to avoid hitting another car and then pulled into a parking spot. The officer stated the client got out of his car and, with his keys in his hand, walked unsteadily towards him with his arms in the air saying “it’s alright, it’s alright” at which point the officer instructed him multiple times to get back in his car, which the client did after placing his keys on the roof of his car. The officer testified the client smelled strongly of alcohol, had red and very glassy eyes, denied drinking at first, then admitted two beers, and pointed to his knee while saying he hurt his shoulder when the officer asked if he had any physical ailments that would prevent him from performing field sobriety tests. The officer stated the client incorrectly recited the alphabet four times, failed the one leg stand field sobriety test and would not do the walk and turn field sobriety test. NOT GUILTY

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