Salem District Court

56 Federal Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970
Clerk’s Office
(978) 744-1167

James Geraghty’s recent cases in Salem District Court:

August 2014

The officer reported the client was sent into a DUI screening pit because he was stopped at a blinking yellow light and had glassy eyes and slurred speech. The officer stated he confirmed the client had glassy eyes and slurred speech, smelled an odor of alcohol, saw that the client had trouble finding his registration and failed the walk and turn field sobriety test. CASE DISMISSED

October 2013

The officer testified that when he tried to pull the client over for going 13 mph over the limit, the client made a left turn, pulled into a driveway and shut his car off.  The officer stated that when he approached the client’s window, it was halfway down, the client was on his cell phone and there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car.  The officer further testified that the client said he was parked in his girlfriend’s driveway, which this officer confirmed it in fact was not. The officer stated the client remained on his cell phone, yelling at times, even after being asked to turn it off, had slurred speech, and refused to get off the phone and out of his car when asked.  Once the client was out of the car, the officer testified he was unsteady on his feet. NOT GUILTY

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