Boston Municipal Court

OUI cases in Boston Municipal Court:

November 2014

The officer testified that he stopped the client for swerving to the right and cutting off another car to exit the tunnel in which he was traveling and stated the client initially stayed stopped at the traffic light after exiting the tunnel when his light turned green. The officer further testified the client smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes, admitted drinking a couple of beers and was unsteady on his feet and swayed side to side as he walked. The officer also stated that the client was unable to say the alphabet as instructed and denied doing the one leg stand and walk and turn field sobriety tests. NOT GUILTY

January 2014

The officer reported that after responding to a two-car accident, he spoke with the first driver who indicated the client ran a red light and hit his car. The officer stated he then spoke to the client who refused treatment from Boston EMS, smelled like alcohol, appeared to have vomit on his shirt, had slurred, thick-tongued speech, red and glassy eyes and at first admitted drinking a couple beers, then stated he had four. The officer further reported the client could not count backwards as instructed and failed the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety tests. CASE DISMISSED

The officer reported the client sped through a red light almost striking the officer’s car causing them to swerve out of the way. The officer stated after stopping the client, he smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, glossy and bloodshot eyes, stumbled while exiting and admitted drinking one tequila and sprite. The officer further reported client failed the walk and turn field sobriety test. 0.20 BAC. CASE DISMISSED

Client is pulled over for going through a red light.  The state trooper notes a strong odor of alcohol coming from the clients breath and also notes that the client has red, watery glassy eyes and is unsteady on his feet. The Trooper notes several open containers of alcohol in the clients car and the client admits to drinking several beers at the Celtics game.  The client is asked to exit the vehicle and perform the field sobriety tests.  The trooper testifies that as the client is exiting his vehicle, the client stumbles into the side of his car and cannot maintain his balance.  During the field sobriety tests the client is unsteady on his feet and is slurring his words.  After the field sobriety tests, the trooper forms the opinion that the client is under the influence of alcohol and arrests the client.  On the ride back to the station the trooper testifies that his cruiser fills up with an overwhelming odor of alcohol from the clients breath as well as the booking area at the state police barracks. TRIAL VERDICT – NOT GUILTY

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