Wrentham District Court

September 2015

The officer reported he stopped the client for swerving to the left and right three times each and crossing the solid yellow line to the left and the parking lines to the right.  The officer stated the client smelled strongly of alcohol, had red, glassy and bloodshot eyes, stated she had lost her license and couldn’t find her registration even though the officer noticed it was the top piece of paper in her hands. The officer stated the client said she was coming home from work as a bartender from a restaurant that the officer knew was closed due to construction and admitted having two beers. The officer further stated that upon exiting her vehicle, she had to use the door because she began to fall, stumbled to the back of the car and began to sway in place. The officer reported that the client could not complete the finger to nose test as she started to fall to her right side and almost had to be grabbed to keep her from falling to the ground. DISMISSED

The officer reported that the client was stopped by a different officer after getting a report that the client was driving erratically.  The officer stated the client had bloodshot eyes, smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech and did not say the alphabet or count backwards as instructed.  The officer stated that after he exited his vehicle, the client was unsteady on his feet and grabbed onto his vehicle for support at one point.  The officer further reported that the client failed the one leg stand and walk and turn field sobriety tests. DISMISSED

May 2014

The officer testified that he stopped the client for failing to stop at a red light and noticed he had bloodshot, red and glassy eyes, was speaking with a thick tongue, had extremely slurred speech, was making unintelligible statements and smelled an overwhelming odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.  The officer stated the client nearly fell over while exiting and had to be grabbed to help him regain his balance, stumbled and used his car for balance while walking, kept leaning against the car after being told multiple times not to, and was swaying from side to side uncontrollably. The officer further testified the client was uncooperative during the booking process. NOT GUILTY

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