Woburn District Court

30 Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801

DUI Lawyer James Geraghty’s recent cases in Woburn District Court

October 2013

The officer stated the client would not acknowledge his presence at first, but upon speaking with the her, the client admitted hitting the fence after her car spun out.  The officer further testified the client smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and slurred speech, was not focusing on the officer as the officer spoke to her, was unsteady on her feet and was rocking back and forth while trying to stay still.  The officer stated the second vehicle’s owner said the dent was not there prior to the client’s car hitting it and although he was not a witness to the accident, he did hear it happen. The officer testified the client admitted drinking and failed the walk and turn field sobriety test. NOT GUILTY

August 2013

The officer reported that a witness stated the client had been speeding up the on-ramp when she traveled into the dirt on the left-side of the on-ramp, lost control, over-steered to the right, then back to the left and then hit the rear-passenger side of a truck on the highway, causing the truck to turn sideways and roll over.  The officer stated that a passenger in the client’s vehicle told him that she and the client both had a few mixed drinks, while a second officer reported the passenger told him that she and the client had two beers.  The officer further reported that upon arrival at the Emergency Room where the client had been taken by ambulance, he smelled alcohol coming from the client. CASE DISMISSED

Client strikes another car in a parking lot and tries to flee. The police respond and order the client to step out of the truck where the appears to stumble out of the truck.  Client admits to drinking several 23 ounce beers at a local bar and during one of the field sobriety tests falls over. Client is belligerent and argumentative with the arresting officer and reeks of alcohol according to all police witnesses.  Civilian testifies that client appeared intoxicated. NOT GUILTY

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