Stoughton District Court

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Stoughton, MA
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Letter from client after trial…

Dear Mr. Geraghty,

I just wanted to thank you again for your effort and your exactly on point performance at Stoughton Court this morning.  I am finally able to get back on track and go back to school right away and do something better with my life as well as going back to my job as a pizza grillman and breakfast grillman at my current two jobs.  If you would like me to write any testimonials I would be glad to.  If not just remember to post this case in your recent wins. Not having Stoughton Court wins listed is one thing that made me uneasy (especially with that judge) and I don’t want anyone else mislead by that.

Again Thank You Mr. Geraghty.



Police officers respond to 911 call from concerned citizen that the client is passed out behind the wheel of the vehicle at an intersection and the engine is running. While in route, the officers see the client is driving away from the intersection and stop the vehicle. Client admits to drinking and the officer notice a strong odor of alcohol on clients breath and that clients eyes are bloodshot and client has slurred speech.  Client fails all the field sobriety tests.  CASE DISMISSED – MOTION TO DISMISS ALLOWED.

Client is involved in an accident where clients car is found in a ditch after a 911 call to the police.  The police officer notes clients speech is slurred and client is unsteady on his feet and cannot form sentences or state the alphabet.  The client is transported to the hospital and receives care, the officer cites the client for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.  CASE DISMISSED AT THE ARRAIGNMENT.

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