Framingham District Court

July 2016

The officer reported he stopped the client after he heard the Fire Chief request assistance with an erratic operator and then witnessed the client cross over the yellow centerline. The officer stated the client was only able to produce his license after being asked for his license and registration, smelled strongly of alcohol, failed the walk and turn, one leg stand, finger counting and finger to nose field sobriety tests, had bloodshot, glassy eyes, was unsteady on his feet and had thick tongued speech. The officer further stated that once at the station, the client admitted he had 6-7 beers that evening. CASE DISMISSED

March 2016

The officer testified he was dispatched to the report of an erratic operator and when he caught up to the car, he saw the client swerve within his lane and touch the yellow centerline and when the client stopped, he stopped at an angle. The officer stated the client smelled like alcohol, fumbled to get his license out, and admitted drinking alcohol when asked. The officer testified the client failed the walk and turn, one leg stand and finger-to-nose field sobriety tests, could not say the alphabet as instructed and swayed and appeared to be off balance during the field sobriety tests. The officer also stated that an empty 50mL bottle of grey goose vodka was found in the client’s car. OUI SECOND OFFENSE, NOT GUILTY

JUNE 2015

The officer reported that he approached the client who was passed out behind the wheel in the Police Department parking lot with his two front tires pressed up against the curb, vomit covering his face and shirt and who was still in drive with his foot on the brake. The officer stated that when he opened the door to put the car in park and turn off the car, he immediately smelled vomit and the odor of alcohol and saw vomit on the driver’s side door and floor. The officer stated that after several attempts, he was able to wake up the client who indicated he was not okay to drive his vehicle, admitted drinking, had glassy and bloodshot eyes, and, upon exiting, walked somewhat slow and was swaying slightly from side to side. The officer reported the client failed the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety tests and was not able to say the alphabet as instructed. BAC 0.12. CASE DISMISSED UNDER VALOR ACT

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