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Fight Breath Tests (Breathalyzers)

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Think Breath Test Evidence in a Massachusetts DUI case is Impossible to Fight?  Think again.

At the law office of James P. Geraghty in Boston, Massachusetts, we know that Breathalyzer test results aren't as strong as they appear to be. With more than 10 years of experience on our side, we know how to fight this evidence. We know how to win drunk driving defense cases.

A breathalyzer or breathalyser (a portmanteau of breath and analyzer/analyser) is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample.


The Breathalyzer Is Just a Machine

Machines are not perfect. They can malfunction. They can fall into disrepair.

More importantly, a human being operates them. Human beings have unlimited opportunities to make mistakes. In terms of using breath tests, they can forget to have the machine calibrated properly. They can fail to correctly record the results. In some cases, they may not have even received the right training to use the machine in the first place.

There Are Other Factors to Consider

Like field sobriety tests, breath tests are weak because they assume that every human body is exactly the same. In reality, there are many individual factors that can affect the results of a breath test, such as medical conditions.

Our law firm brings in scientific experts to challenge the accuracy of breath test results. We know the steps to take to build strong cases designed to win DUI cases.

You should have an attorney on your side who knows how to fight breath test evidence. We know. That's one reason we've been able to obtain such a high rate of success.

Another reason is that our firm is led by a former drunk driving prosecutor. This means that we know the opposition. We know the things they do to get results. We know the techniques that are effective against them. We know how to win your case.