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In Boston and throughout Massachusetts, the law is tough on drunk drivers. If you have already received two or more convictions for DUI, you are going to be charged with a felony this time.

When a misdemeanor becomes a felony, things become a lot more serious.

At the law office of James P. Geraghty, we are serious about defending you against felony DUI charges. With more than a decade of experience on our side, we know the steps to take to achieve positive results for you.

Fighting Felony DUI Charges

The penalties for a felony DUI are intense. A conviction for a third DUI offense can lead to a minimum mandatory six months in jail. You'll be behind bars for a year if convicted for a fourth offense, and two years for a fifth. Not to mention the fact that you'll also be loaded up with fines and court fees.

The damage will not end there, though. With a felony on your record, you may find it difficult to pursue the career of your choice. You may find opportunities start to disappear.

When you choose our DWI/DUI defense firm, you will have an attorney who will work to prevent all of these negative consequences. We will put together strong cases that take into account the science behind breath tests, blood tests and other evidence used against you. We will carefully review the procedures that police used when they pulled you over. Our team will not miss any opportunity to get you a positive outcome.

Our team is not interested in any outcome that will force you to deal with negative consequences. For that reason, we only consider it a win if we get a not-guilty verdict or we get your case dismissed. Plea bargaining and other outcomes that may be somewhat positive are not considered wins in our book.

To win your felony DUI case, we are prepared to take the matter to trial. Led by a former drunk driving criminal prosecutor, we understand the opposition's strengths and weaknesses. We know how to take them on and obtain results that matter to you.

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