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Vehicular Manslaughter Caused by DUI

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If you have been charged with vehicular homicide while driving drunk, you know that you are in serious trouble. You know the consequences you will be faced with if you are convicted. You know that, no matter what, your life is changed forever.

At the law office of James P. Geraghty in Boston, Massachusetts, we want you to understand that you have the right to representation from an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer. You have the right to see that your rights are protected. That is what we are here to do.



Fighting DUI Vehicular Homicide Charges Melanie's Law is the law that comes into play in these unique DUI defense cases. We understand this law. In fact, our lead attorney has appeared on Channel 5 News and elsewhere to share knowledge on this topic. We are the team that others turn to when they want to learn about the law. Our knowledge, as well as more than a decade of experience, forms the base of our defense. On that, we build a careful plan that involves scientifically examining the evidence against you. We know how to deal with breath tests and blood tests. We know how to correctly review witness statements and police reports. We know how to design cases with the strength to get you through this challenging time in your life.

Fighting Other Cases in Which DUI Caused Physical Harm

Our law firm can also provide criminal defense in cases that may not involve vehicular homicide, but serious bodily harm. We can defend against charges of vehicular assault that resulted from a drunk driving accident. We can stand by your side to help you fight to protect your future.

You Will Have a Former Criminal Prosecutor on Your Side

Our team is led by a former drunk driving criminal prosecutor. This means that we understand exactly what our opposition is doing. We know their strengths. We know their weaknesses. You can be confident that we have the background to overcome their methods and pursue a positive outcome in your OUI vehicular homicide.

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