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Defense of Repeat Drunk Driving

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You're not a criminal. You don't deserve to be treated like one. You're a human being and you've made mistakes, just like everyone else has.

At the law office of James P. Geraghty in Boston, Massachusetts, we are committed to seeing that those mistakes don't have a serious impact on your life. We're committed to protecting your rights.

With us on your side, you can be confident that you have a lawyer who will work hard to keep you out of jail, help you avoid fines and keep your record clean.



Fighting DWI/DUI Second Offense Charges

The penalties that go along with a second offense DWI/DUI conviction are serious. They include a minimum mandatory jail sentence or a stay at an in-patient alcohol treatment facility. The fines are immense and you will lose your driver's license for two years.

Fighting Other DUI Repeat Offenses

Our DUI/DWI defense firm is able to defend against felony DUI charges. A drunk driving charge switches from a misdemeanor to a felony on the third offense. On a third or subsequent offense, the minimum mandatory jail sentence comes into play. In other words, things get much more intense. A conviction can lead to longer stays in jail, bigger fines and a mark on your record that could drastically change your future.

We Can Defend You, No Matter What Your History Is

Our law firm has more than a decade of experience that we will put to work for you. That experience means that we are able to overcome DUI charges, no matter what your history is. We don't care whether you have been convicted before. We care about getting you through this.

Led by a former drunk driving prosecutor, we understand how the opposition works. We know how to take them on and get results. Our record of wins speaks for itself. Furthermore, when we say win, we mean it. We want to get a not-guilty verdict or have your case dismissed. That is the outcome you deserve.